I ran into this song this weekend and I could not stop listening to it.
Hope you enjoy it!

The Script, "Nothing"

Happy Monday


I am a fool for a good old classic song, and well The Lady is a Tramp is a great classic.
I thought how wonderful is it that Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett are doing a duet to this
song. LOVE IT!

Tony Bennett Ft. Lady Gaga - Lady is a tramp

I am always looking for new music to play at home, or to start our week with.
I ran into this band, in article by the New York Times style magazine.
I heard this song and thought it was a great, happy way to start the week!

September is officially here and so the transition starts.
When I think of September, I can't help to play this song.
Sharing a little piece of my personal self

September, is one of my personal favorite months a long with May.
I am a hopeless romantic and for some reason these two months are
for me the ultimate LOVE months. In honor of this obsession of mine
I have made a TO DO, LOVE LIST.

My most see love movie this month is, One Day.

After this crazy weekend, glued to the T.V watching the
hurricane move towards NYC, I just thought we needed to start
the week with a cheery and SUNNY song.

Perfect for today Colbie Caillat - Brighter Than The Sun

Loving this song, but loving the whole CD as well so don't be surprise
if several of the songs make it to our list.

Otis, Jay Z and Kanye West

Loving this song, but loving the whole CD as well so don't be surprise
if several of the songs make it to our list.

Otis, Jay Z and Kanye West

It was such a fun weekend, and through out the whole weekend
I kept hearing this song. I thought it's a great song to start the week with

Maroon 5, Moves Like Jagger

Summer is my favorite time of the year, I simply love everything about it.
Every summer I chose a song to reminds me of that particular year,
and I have chosen this song for the summer of 2011.

Colbie Caillat, Brighter than the sun

It is so sad when someone with such an amazing talent leaves us
so early. We hope she's in a better place today and in peace.

Amy Winehouse - Tears dry on their own

Lauren, from Everyday to Runway suggested and introduced us to
this new group called 2am Club. We have to say, we LOVE IT!
Thank you so much for your suggestion.
Get your week started with, 2am - Let me down easy

Personally I am a big fan of Beyonce, I really like her lyrics and
her dancing skills. If you haven't heard her new CD, I recommend it
and this happens to be one of my favorite songs in the album.
Beyonce- Best thing I never had

Happy Monday!

One Republic, Good Life
We hope you all had an amazing long weekend, celebrating
such an important day. Over the weekend I ran into this song
and I could not help sharing it with you, as our song for the week.
Have a wonderful week!

Sade, Kiss of Life

This Monday we decided to start the week with Shakira, Rabiosa video.

A little heat for the summer time!

Kings Of Leon, Use Somebody

We are so feeling summer, and we could not help to start the week with
Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66, Mas Que Nada.
This really made us want to be laying out in the sun!
Happy Monday!

This week we are listening to Jennifer Lopez- I'm into you ft. Lil Wayne 
We could not help noticing who is in the video, the very good looking William Levy. 

En mi Ipod siempre van a conseguir musica en español
y vi que LuisFonsi salió con su último sencillo... así que lo comparto con ustedes
 si no lo han escuchado. Estaré pendiente del video
para colocarlo cuando lo publiquen.


Note: We are really liking her CD, check her out in
the Rollingstone cover


Katy Perry - E.T ft Kanye West


Our follower CAMILA SBRISSA starts her week listening to, Shakira,
Sale el Sol
Thank you for participating.

Dreams by the Cranberries
This is not a latest hit but it's the perfect song for me to start the
week with. We would like for you to e mail us with your favorite song to start
the week and we will post it onour blog.
Email alemsatine@alexandrasatine.com




Price Tag Ft. B.o.B

My favorite song: "Is this love"


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