Alexandra Satine launched her line of convertible leather accessories in 2009 after five years working in the dress division of Jones Apparel Group in New York City.

Satine credits her upbringing in Valencia, Venezuela for inspiring her to create a collection of handbags that are equal parts versatile and high quality. “In Venezuela, it’s important that women always look polished and put together, no matter where you are going, you have to make sure your handbag, shoes and belts always match—when designing, I always want my bags to be ageless, timeless and most of all, the one pieces that puts your whole outfit together”, says Satine.

Satine designs for the woman who buys handbags as an investment and appreciates timeless fashion. “My customer is someone who needs an accessory that can be adjusted at the last minute for a cocktail event, or a busy woman who has no time to purchase five bags, and instead, buys one bag that gives her five options,” says Satine, who uses embossed leather in her designs to give the collection texture and dimension.

Alexandra Satine attended the American Academy of Art where she received her degree in Graphic Design soon after she moved to Paris where she attended La Sorbonne.

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