This summer is all about Braids! 
And with this heat wave coming through, it’s the best way
 to keep cool and fashionable at the same time. 
Take a look at these tips from to learn how to get 
the prefect “messy” braid for the summertime.

1. Spray damp hair with Hyper Hydration Super 
Keratin Spray to lock in moisture and leave hair smooth.

2. Then flip your head upside down and use your
 fingertips to brush through the hair while blow drying. 
This will help to create a textured look throughout.

3. Spritz on a thickening mist like Plump Up to give hair guts.

4. Sweep the hair to one side, separate it into three sections and braid.
Allow the little pieces that may start to stick out and fray to
 hang loosely as this adds a messy look to the style.

5. Finish with a flexible, lightweight hairspray for
a strong hold without any heaviness or stickiness.

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