So this Spring/ Summer season we want to start several
new blog post segments. This post is the first one for our
new segment called FUN FACTS! Not only are the facts
we are sharing with you things that interest us but also are
inspirational to our design team. 

We decided to start this new post with the Cherry Blossom 
trees because it has to be one of the most beautiful things to 
see during the start of the Spring season in Washington DC. We
learned that it's the 100 year anniversary, of these trees arrival 
to the U.S capital.  Back in 1912 the mayor of Tokyo Yukio Ozaki
gifted the capital with 3,000 trees to celebrate the relationship 
between Japan and the U.S.

Today when you visit Washington DC in the spring time it is
such an amazing thing to see these trees blossom. To me it almost
feels like pink cotton candy trees.