The first photograph taken of me and day into night handbag. 
It was taken back in May of 2008 ...

The last image taken of me and Rue Rivoli. 

Many of you might recognize this image from our home page. 
One of the reasons I love this image so much is because it was taken
by an amazing photographer/ friend. From the time I started my bags
he was quick to capture me with one of my bags. 
To the point that he photographed my first handbag. 
I have to say it's friends like him that have really fueled my 

Thank you, Kim!

P.S This image was taken in Paris during October and I have to say
it was 35C, SO COLD! Not only that but, I had left my belt at home
so I used the strap from the Rue Rivoli as a, BELT! :)

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