October 7th is a very special day for me, it's officially the day we launched our handbag line 
while it's also my dad's birthday! In the last year I have done tons of things some more
glamorous than others but over all it was a wonderful year. From going to the leather show in 
Colombia, to creating both Summer 11 and Fall 11 collections. We also had some great launch 
events where I got to meet many of the editors and bloggers that I was a fan, long before I 
launched my brand. It's not all glamour when you start your own business, I had plenty of late nights
 in the chaos of my house / studio. Looking back I also met some amazing people and was 
able to participate with Girls Inc. of Westchester and give back to the next generation. 

I have to say this was the best day to launch my dream, thanks to my dad's 
encouragement to start my own business I have a dream come true.

Happy Birthday dad and to a year of convertible handbags! 

Alexandra M Satine

P.S I am aware my eyes are closed but I love that picture with it's imperfection and all.

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