Last week I had to go to Venezuela and I had a chance to take a quick cell phone picture of one of my favorites things in Caracas, the Avila. The Avila is located in the central area of Venezuela and it is considered a national park. It was named after Juan Antonio Avila in 1778, one of the land owners on the Avila at the time. To me it keeps a great deal of memories, one of them is my dad, mom and I climbing it on the weekends when we visited our family in Caracas. Home sweet, home!

While in Colombia we were taken by friends to a must go to restaurant
Andres Carne de Res.
Every Colombian friend I have told me you need to eat there, and so we
did. The food was amazing but the
restaurant it self was a must see. I took some pictures to share with
you the great environment.

A typical colonial house garden (Museo de Botero)

A Colonial Cathedral

Walking on the streets of colombia

Loving the food cart

The main Cathedral

My friend in Colombia took this picture of me in Plaza Bolivar.
By the way I took Love My Bag on my trip.


Botero, Fernando is probably one of my personal favorite painters from South America and how lucky was I to be able to visit his museum located in an area called La Candelaria, Bogota. I feel his paintings depict a great deal of South American culture. I chose one of my personal favorites to share with you it is called, “El Estudio”. The exhibition has 120 of his personal pieces along with some personal pieces which he collected and later on donated to the museum. His color palettes will be a great influence for my Spring/ Summer 2012 collection which is why I took a photo of almost every piece in the museum.

Images by María Corredor Ospina

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